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UltimateZip is perfect compression utility that supports various types of files, create self-extracting archives, integrates with mail and virus scans, and integrates with Windows Explorer.UltimateZip has all the features you need to archive, encrypt, share and shrink the files and documents.With it’s flexible and intuitive user interface, UltimateZip is easy to use for first time users and offersmany useful features for power users. UltimateZip perfectly integrated into Windows Explorer, create orextracting just one mouse click. UltimateZip 7.0 is extremly easy to use and fast. Even first-time userscan create or extract any files in seconds. UltimateZip has a ZIP engine / 7ZIP highly optimized, with theMultiCore Support full power of your computer will be used.


  • ZIP superior and ZIPX Support. UltimateZip can create and extract ZIP and ZIPX file. It is very fast in creating and extracting. UltimateZip ZipEngine is highly optimized.
  • 7Zip superior support. UltimateZip fully support the new formats 7Zip (including new LZMA2Methods).
  • UAC Elevation. Create and extract archives anywhere on your computer, even in directories such as Program Files”.
  • ZIP and ZIPX Repair. ZIP repair damaged and ZIPX file.
  • Automatic Backup. With the build-in backup wizard, it is very easy for you to backup your important data.
  • SelfExtracting Archive. Create SelfExtracting Archives for ZIP, ZIPX and 7ZIP format. FileSFX supports AES Encryption.
  • Windows Integration. UltimateZip is possible to create, extract or mail archives without leaving the Explorer and Drag & Dropand from Explorer.
  • Zip comments. View and edit Zip comments.
  • Integrity tests. Test your archives for errors.

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