OpenCloner DVD-Cloner 14.00 Build 1419 With Patch


OpenCloner DVDCloner 14.00 Build 1419 is an upscale oneclick solution to make 1: 1 DVD copy with perfect quality. Innovative SRT support for copying your latest DVD movies at much higher speeds. DVDCloner 2016 is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. This allows you to copy DVD with a variety of encryption to a blank DVD disc movie DVD folder / file / ISO image and vice versa.


  • One click to the make 1: 1 DVD copy or compress one DVD9 movie to a DVD5 DVD ± R /RW discs.
  • Movie complete copy, full 1: 1 copy DVD disc, movie-only copy, split copy and moviecustomized copy.
  • Removes all known DVD protections such as CSS, CPPM, APC, UPS, ARccOS, RipGuard, RPC-IN / RPCII / RCE and any region code.
  • DVD5 to DVD5: Perfect 1: 1 DVD copy. Copies one DVD5 movie to a DVD5 DVD ± R / RWdiscs.
  • DVD9 to DVD9: Perfect 1: 1 DVD copy. Copies one DVD9 movie to a DVD9 DVD ± R / RWdiscs.
  • Copies one DVD movie to a DVD movie disc folder for playback on the player software or TV, and a DVD player is not needed any more.
  • Copies one DVD movie discs to an ISO image file for future burning or uploaded to the InternetEasily.
  • Creates a DVD disc from a movie with ISO format downloaded from the Internet.
  • DVD9 to DVD5 copy – compresses one DVD9 movie to a blank DVD5 disc, Including menusand special features.
  • Copies only the main movie of a DVD to a DVD5 disc, omitting menus and special features.

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