NetSarang Xmanager Enterprise 5 Build 1026 With Crack


NetSarang Xmanager Enterprise 5 Build 1026 is a complete suite of network connectivity. It comes with a high-performance PC X server, OpenGL (GLX) support, 3D hardware acceleration, secure terminal emulator, file transfer clients and servers LPR printer. 3D X applications run faster on Xmanager Enterprise 4 and Provides secure access to a remote terminal through SSH and TELNET, convenient file transfer via SFTP / FTP, and print remote documents locally with LPD.


  • The browser program to manage multiple Start and XDMCP sessions
  • Xbrowser manage sessions for XmanagerXshell and Xftp
  • XDMCPSSHRSHrexecrlogin and TELNET connection protocols
  • Up to 128 X client connections per Xmanager session
  • XStart shortcut for XDMCP sessions and
  • Fast forward parsing and command scripting in xStart
  • XDMCP XDMCP safe for connection to the outside firewall or private network

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