Macrorit Partition Extender 1.1.1 Pro+Unlimited Edition Crack

Partition Extender Professional Edition is a tool specialized in extending system partition by redistributing the free unallocated space from other partitions on your hard disk.
Includes an intuitive and easy to navigate interface

Features :

After a quick and uneventful installation, you are welcome by a clean and user-friendly interface that should not give you any troubles, regardless of your technical knowledge or skills. You can preview the drives connected to your computer along with their partitions and select the ones that you would like to resize.

You should know that the application does not come with a dedicated function to reverse the process. Therefore, if you would like to go back to the original configuration, you need to repeat the process. While it can be tedious, you should keep in mind that your data is protected while you are carrying out partition resizing tasks.
Enables you to extend the system partition in just a few clicks

The utility is as simple to use as it looks, meaning that you can expand the C drive or boot system partition in three simple steps. Select the volume that you want to expand, specify the space you would like to extend it with and then apply the modifications.

It is worth mentioning that there are some notable differences between this tool and Partition Extender Free Edition. For starters, the Professional version is designed to perform the task faster, as it only requires on reboot for the effects to be acknowledged.

Moreover, the utility allows you to extend the system partition and includes disaster protection feature that prevents various errors – hard disk failure, virus attack, blue screen, software conflict, system crash, so on and so forth – from affecting the functionality of your computer.
A useful app that can help you expand the boot partition

In the eventuality you want to extend the system partition by reallocating free space from the other partitions where you do not need it anymore, then Partition Extender Professional Edition can help you achieve this goal without losing any data.

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