How To Check System Information In Urdu By Syed Talha Zameer

How To Check System Information In Urdu By Syed Talha Zameer from talhazameer on Vimeo.

Today in this tutorial i will teach you how to find out your System Information, such as your Operating System version, your processor, etc. on any computer. many people asked me how they can check their Operating System after watching this your can check your system information easily .

  • System Summary: Displays general information about your computer and the operating system, such as the system name and manufacturer, system model, system type, processor, the type of (BIOS) your computer uses, and the amount of RAM that’s installed.
  • Hardware Resources: Displays advanced details about your computer’s hardware, such as Conflict/Sharing, DMA, Forced Hardware, I/O, IRQs, Memory, and is intended for IT professionals.
  • Software Environment: Displays information about System Drivers, Network Connections, and other program-related details.
  • Components: Displays information about disk drives, sound devices, modems, and other components installed on your computer such as Infrared, Network, Problem Devices and USB


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