GlassWire Elite v1.2.88 – Full


GlassWire Elite v1.2.88 – Full, GlassWire – network security firewall to monitor and control your network. Tool protects your computer, graphically representing network activity on a convenient schedule and help identify unusual behavior of malicious programs on the Internet.

GlassWire- handy utility for network security, which visualizes network activity and blocks connections, and warns users about potential security problems, which can be downloaded from the Internet.

GlassWire displays network activity in a simple-to-understand graphics in finding unusual behavior on the Internet, which may indicate the presence of malicious software or violating the privacy of data on your PC.

After an unusual network activity is detected, you will be warned immediately with detailed information so that the right to take action and protect your computer, privacy and important data.


  • Network monitor: Visualization of the current and previous network activity by type of traffic, applications, and geographical location with a simple-to-use chart. GlassWire allows you to see which applications send data to the Internet, and shows you how to host the connection is. network security tool for Windows also determines: the domains or IP-address known threats, changing system network files, unusual changes in applications, the ARP-spoofing, and much more.
  • Additional protection for antivirus: GlassWire application works in conjunction with your primary Antivirus without replacing its capabilities. The tool provides extra protection and works with most anti-virus software to scan files on the unusual behavior. GlassWire is a second line of defense, the developers recommend to always use a separate anti-virus with GlassWire.
  • Firewall (uses for Windows Firewall.): GlassWire shows which applications have or have had Internet access. If you do not like what you see, you can immediately block network access for specific applications using the free firewall. You can easily lock and unlock an application access to the network using the Firewall tab. Uses for the Windows Firewall.

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