AVG PC Tuneup Pro 19.1.840 With Carck


AVG PC Tuneup Pro 19 is system analysis and optimization of a complete suite that helps you get the most out of your computer. Unlike anti-virus created by the same developers, AVG PCTuneup does not focus on viruses or spyware, but rather on registry issues, junk files, low-performance other problems that can make your computer run slow or even freeze.


  • Disk Cleanup: Removes junk files slowing down your computer.
  • Disk Defrag: Defragments disk drives and optimizes system files placement.
  • Registry Cleaner: Improved thousands of registry errors to increase PC stability.
  • Registry Defrag: compacts the registry eliminating memory-consuming gaps.
  • Internet Optimizer: Tailors the one-sizefitsall settings to your specific internet connection.
  • Songs Eraser: Removes the history of computer and your internet usage.
  • Disk Wipe: Wipes free space on disks to prevent the recovery of sensitive data.
  • File Shredder: Removes the selected files beyond recovery on a disk or USB stick.
  • And many other features.

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