ACD Systems SeePlus DICOM v9.0 Build 520 (x86/x64) – Full


ACD Systems SeePlus DICOM v9.0 Build 520 (x86/x64) – Full, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) has become the international standard for conveying information in medical imaging. SeePlus™ DICOM serves a variety of industries, including insurance, dental, and more, with viewing power for this widely-distributed healthcare messaging format. Compare images, zoom, rotate, invert, tweak brightness and contrast as needed, and save your DICOM files as JPEGs.


  • POWERFUL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Manage mode allows you to access, browse, and manage your entire file collection, including OneDrive™ and Dropbox™, from one centralized interface—no importing. Work how you want with a fully customizable workplace layout.
  • Create a Streamlined System: Use ratings, hierarchical keywords, and categories to designate your files’ place in your workflow, and quickly call out documents and photos with visual tags or customizable color labels.
  • Flexibility and Security: Get files from your team over Dropbox™ or OneDrive™ with direct access within Manage mode, or back up existing work to the cloud.
  • Business Breeze: When it comes to your file management, let SeePlus™ take on the heavy lifting. Favorite files for quick access, group them by like properties, sort them by trait, and filter by added metadata, such as ratings or categories.
  • Strategic Searching: Easily find files based on their name, keywords, or file properties. Create advanced searches to locate files by date ranges, rating ranges, or other criteria. Quickly unearth images with identical pixels.
  • QUICK AND EFFICIENT VIEWING: Experience the entirety of your file collection by date with Documents Mode, or just the files stored on your Microsoft OneDrive™. Gain new perspective on your files by browsing them by year, month, or day. Quickly move from this panoramic chronoscopic view to organizing and viewing individual documents and photos, including PDF and Microsoft Office™ documents in View Mode.
  • Business Viewing: Flip through your PDF and Microsoft Office™ documents and photos individually— even sheets on multi-tabbed Excel documents.
  • Fast Track Your Organizational Workflow: Zoom in on finer details, and assign file management metadata on the fly, such as labels, categories, and ratings.
  • Put it to Work: Cull unnecessary files as needed, and print documents directly from View mode with all of the customizable settings your business requires.
  • Pinpoint in the Past: Conveniently locate your place in giant collections thanks to pop-up dates showing you exactly where you are in time.
  • DYNAMIC IMAGE PROCESSING: With changes applied in the order that you do them, Edit Mode allows you the creative freedom to apply precise adjustments and accentuate details to achieve the look you want. Pixel-level control, correction, modification, clarity improvement— Edit mode boasts all of the high level adjustment features you would expect from a professional photo editor.
  • Add Some Magic: While there are plenty of tools for correcting your images, SeePlus™ is also stocked with tools for adding to your image. Add text, watermarks, borders, special effects, and much more.
  • Precision Editing: Selectively adjust pixels with a variety of Edit mode tools by targeting specific colors and tones within the image. Even target skin tones!
  • Complete Lighting Control: Light EQ™’s patented LCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement) algorithms accurately and intelligently lighten shadows and reduce highlights, providing you with consistent HDR results.
  • Automate with Ease: Save time on repetitive tasks by recording any adjustments you make in Edit mode and applying them to other images, recreating your entire editing process in a single click.

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